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Главная » 2016 » Март » 1 » Tigran Pashabezyan: Russian-Turkish relations can be improved when the Republic of Armenia border the Armenia
Tigran Pashabezyan: Russian-Turkish relations can be improved when the Republic of Armenia border the Armenia

АРМИНФОЦЕНТР: Тигран Пашабезян: "Русско-Турецкие отношения могут улучшиться тогда, когда Республика Армения будет граничить с Арменией". (По поводу интервью Модеста Колерова) - на английском языке

Տիգրան Փաշաբեզյան`Ռուս-թուրքական հարաբերությունները կարող են լավանալ, երբ Հայաստանի Հանրապետությանը սահմանակից դառնա Հայաստանը (Մոդեստ Կոլերովի հարցազրույցի կապակցությամբ)

"The settlement of regional problems can become a reality only after the Republic of Armenia become contiguous to Western Armenia Republic (Armenia State)"

In recent decades, along with the development of the events in Middle East, the comments are often made on the formation of an independent Kurdistan state. Moreover, every time, mostly to silence are betrayed the final settlement of the Armenian issue and problems of right implementation of Armenians living in Western Armenia to the Western Armenia.

During the interview with “Tert.am” to the question whether there is still a chance of returning good neighborly relations with Turkey, or everything is lost, Modest Kolerov said.” I believe that good relations between Turkey and Russia can return when there will be no longer the present Turkey, but an independent Kurdistan. And, for example, the border between Armenia and Turkey become the border of Armenia and independent Kurdistan.

Should be mentioned that this approach is not new and is not even Russian, it is more Western. Let us remind that back in 2006.US high-ranking retired officer from the Armed Forces Ralph Peters wrote an article about the creation of an independent Kurdistan.

There are two main problems connected with this issue.

Up to when the main actors of the international community are going to continue to evade the Armenian question and to ignore problems of the protection and realization of rights of Armenian people?
And what will change when the Republic of Turkey to get replaced by the independent Kurdistan, bordering the Republic of Armenia?

Let us warn beforehand that the two tasks are not just regional, they have bigger encompassment, from regional up to global civilization significance. Explaining why.

Modern analysts and experts the international analytical and expert centers, often continue to ignore and evade the real solutions of problems, regularly offering, as a remedy, such options that remind of the British diplomatic school road. It’s specific rating was once proposed by Lord Sherbruck. He noticed that British policy was “closing the exit from the hell“ for Christians in Turkey.

At present the British Parliament is discussing the issues of deportation and massacres of Yazidis. More than 130 years ago, they circulated the Kurdish issue as a notion .Tomorrow, surely will be spoken about vital problems of another people living in the region, stubbornly ignoring the obvious fact, that resolution of the problems of the region and all peoples living there begins with the solution of the Armenian issue. Old and the new defenders of human rights are always trying to avoid it.

Answering to our first question, we should note that the key to settlement of the issues of Middle East is the final solution of the Armenian issue, with the implementation of all the rights of the Armenian people and Armenia, on which decisions are made and contract was signed in 1918-1920, including the part of Western Armenia and it’s four provinces, which are simply stated in the Peace Treaty of Sevres.

They do not know what to do with Western Armenia. European Parliament made an unlawful and illegal decision in 1987 as a formula to “political solution to the Armenian Issue”, ordered articles are degraded, as the publication of Ralph Peters, in order to undermine our memories our memory with the help of history's falsifiers Western Armenia is represented by the Eastern Anatolia. To consolidate our “voluntary refusal” from our rights, the protocols are made such as The Republic of Turkey – The Republic of Armenia… however, the Eastern Anatolia does not exist, it is Western Armenia. The proprietor of this, as a result of 30-years- lasting (1894-1923) massacres, genocide and deportation is scattered all over the world, though little by little, as a Western Armenian, returns to his roots. Its logical continuation is the declaration of Western Armenia Exile establishing process on February 4 in 2011, now the Government of Western Armenia Republic, Prime Minister Tigran Pashabezyan, and the summary of the state process in 2014 January 18-21: Formation of Western Armenia National Assembly (Parliament) in Paris, the president Armen Ter-Sargsyan and the Western Armenia Republic President's choice, President Armenak Abrahamyan.

So, the settlement of regional problems may be realized only after the Republic of Armenia borders with to Western Armenia Republic (Armenia State).

All this is detailed in "legal-political united protection package of Armenian’s rights in Western Armenia", which, by the way, has recently translated into Russian and English, the French translation and publication is in process. You can't build a house on sand, moreover, can’t build peace. And it is high time to abandon the short-sighted policy of avoiding and ignoring the rights of the Armenian people. The history documents and shows that the proposed strategy of British spy Lawrence of Arabia in 1919 does not lead to anything good, first and foremost, for the perpetrators and then to participants in other nations, too.

In response to our second question we note that civil disorder in the region, the retention commonly, and Armenian Highlands particularly, started with existence of Turkish state and replacing it with another state, including Kurdish or other ... besides Armenia, will not lead to the development of civilization recovery of the region, including in the context of world civilization and progress in the future.

Confirming, the strategy proposed by Lawrence of Arabia which is “Armenia should be subjected to separation. The country where are the natural resources, must be separated from nosepiece, where there is nothing except Armenians. The American mandate should only be on the Armenians. Another ally, not the British, but another equal, practical state should receive the Armenia“, influenced very negatively not only on the region but also on the progress of world civilization, constantly blocking and impeding their development. Again here is one solution that is the way of implementation and verification of Armenian people rights. As a result Armenian Republic will border that Armenia, about which important decisions were made by the Russian government, in 1918, the States Parties of Paris Peace Conference, in 1919-1920, and 28th US President Woodrow Wilson, in 1920. Only after this, many problems will be solved, for many sides, including the sense of improving Russian-Turkish relations.

These were the fundamental legal and political arguments that we wanted to mention to Modest Kolerov’s observation, trying to help him and other well-known experts and analysts, as well as a number of trustworthy analytical and expert centers to be careful of repetition of old mistakes, which occurred and developed the current military-political crisis in the Middle East. In fact, the global crisis of civilization which can also be described as a free fall of civilization.

Fortunately, there are all the possibilities and preconditions for avoiding the fall and they are summarized in the Armenian’s decisions and right implementation agreements towards the Armenia. We simply have to realize them with united will and agreement.

Tigran Pashabezyan

The Prime Minister of the State of Western Armenia


Translated into English by Elina Oganezova.

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