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Главная » 2020 » Март » 27 » ENG - To save the world today is to preserve the Armenian civilization!
ENG - To save the world today is to preserve the Armenian civilization!

of the Nobel Prize Nominee in Economics and the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Academician Martik GASPARYAN and Academician Levon BEKLARYAN, co-author of the research “The Armenian Highlands – the cradle of the creation of the world and civilization, the heir and keeper of universal values and relics”, noted in the nomination of the Nobel Prize to His Excellency the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Nikol PASHINYAN, ALL ARMENIAN PEOPLE in Armenia, Artsakh, abroad and in the diaspora on the serious threats and challenges to the modern world,  civilization and urgent measures to preserve Armenian identity and statehood, saving the country’s economy from collapse in connection with the pandemic challenge for the mankind

Armenian statehood is 4,512 years old. Evidence of this is the history of our statehood on the petroglyphs of the Armenian Highlands, but also the Armenian epic and manuscripts of Matenadaran, Alexandria and the Vatican.

It is obvious the the Armenian statehood is in danger, the country’s economy is on the verge of destruction.

In this regard, we urge everyone to support the Prime Minister and the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

 The classic of Armenian poetry Yeghishe CHARENTS noted – the salvation of our people in their unity.

Intellectuals from around the world point to 10 threats and challenges of modern civilization:

  1. Asteroids;
  2. GMO;
  3. Viral infections;
  4. Climatic imbalance;
  5. Deterioration of nutrition and chemicalization;
  6. The growing shortage of fresh water on the planet;
  7. Weathering of humus;
  8. Deterioration and reduction of water and forest zones;
  9. The problem of “loot”;
  10. Inaction of politicians, scientists, inventors used by business.

To combat the above threats and challenges to the modern world of civilization, it is necessary to develop more than 100 Laws in order to identify a number of fundamental concepts: intelligence, intellectual word, intellectual development of a person, dissemination of knowledge, identity of content, author’s dominant, etc.

In this hierarchy of laws, for the Armenian people in the modern world, the identification of culture and language (this was announced on March 3, 2020 by academician Martik Gasparyan at the 43rd session of the UN Human Rights Council) and the identification of morality of intellectuals are important.

The importance of what was said was demonstrated in an interview with Henry KISSINGER. He noted that globalization processes will sweep away everything on the planet, there will be no salvation even for the elites of nations. It should be noted that after that the host was forced to interrupt the interview and ask the famous politician to exit. The press conference was interrupted.

In this regard, together with the founder of qualimetry, now the late professor Harry Gaykovich AZGALDOV, an article was written about what our modern youth should do in order not to get into the bloody meat grinder of this massacre. The article was published. Further, it was widely promoted around the Old World. It is in a big demand today also, both for the innovative aspirations of our nation, especially youth, and for the country’s transition to a smart and intelligent economy with high-quality indicators.

Armenian petroglyphs also testify to the deep ideas of the Armenians about the universe. According to the Gospel of Matthew about the mysterious heavenly phenomenon – the Star of Bethlehem and the Old Testament, the wise men, whose relics are now stored in Cologne, came to Nazareth from the Armenian Highlands, where astronomy was very developed at that time (one was called Balasar – read Baghdasar).

Continuing, I should note, that the Armenian petroglyphs also testify to the deep ideas of the Armenians about the universe. According to the Gospel of Matthew about the mysterious heavenly phenomenon – the Star of Bethlehem and the Old Testament, the wise men, whose relics are now stored in Cologne, came to Nazareth from the Armenian Highlands, where astronomy was very developed at that time (one was called Balasar – read Baghdasar). This fact allows us to take a completely different look at the development of civilizations.

Today, the modern civilization is in the process of innovative, technological and high-speed informational changes. At the same time, the modern world and its centers of power are characterized by the presence of excess funds for their destruction and the complete lack of contractability. The concept of a safe and negotiable world, based on the doctrine of the place of power centers (empires), as designers of such a security system, and the rest of the world, as a consumer of this security system, turned out to be another fake. This concept was based on the idea of ​​the feasibility of decisions made by centers of power, and, in the end, showed its complete failure. The idea of ​​the appropriateness of decisions made by the centers of power should be replaced by new (revived) approaches based on the preservation of civilizational achievements. The complex social structures of the modern world (states and other entities) should be formed as a union of nations-civilizations, which can only be both security designers and its consumers.

All of the above applies also to the Near East and the Middle East, occupying a special place in the history of mankind and acting as the most important communicator between the West and the East over the past millennia. In different historical periods, only the direction of flows of transferred resources, technologies, knowledge and ideas changed, and the communicator remained the same. The central link of such a communicator is the Armenian Highlands, as well as the Armenian people as a subject that maintains communication between East and West.

Current events in Western Asia and the Middle East have many dimensions. The most important of them is the failure of the attempts of the last three hundred years to transfer the main communicator from the Armenian Highlands and the territories adjacent to it to the Atlantic. Everything is back now. Today, the struggle is for control over the main communicator, which connects the main manufacturer – China with one of the most important solvent consumers – Europe. Evidence of this is a factor analysis of the economies of high-tech powers and China. The most important task for the future is to prevent the transfer of the territory of the Near East and the Middle East to the territory of confrontation between the centers of power. A conflict-free and secure future for the Near East and the Middle East can be provided only by the peoples and their unions vitally connected with this territory. The Armenian people are given a special place in this process, which they are obliged to take.[i]

Today we must identify and systematize the views of M. Bunyatyan, one of the leading representatives of the world scientific tradition of studying crisis and cyclical phenomena in the economy, to identify the causes and manifestations of economic crises. This is necessary to develop sound approaches and practical steps taken by the Government of the Republic of Armenia in connection with the pandemic.[ii] 

From time immemorial, the Armenian people were the creator, and the Armenian statehood was powerful and creative. Armenian entrepreneurship was socially oriented, Armenian reality was without castes and classes. The evidence of this is the cave paintings about the universe, and the Armenian epos on the Gegham and Syunik petroglyphs, the Law Code of the Smbat sparapet, who became the basis of the statehood of the Cilician kingdom. Such a lawyer allowed the citizens of the principality to become creators and producers. Cilicia exported its finished products (in particular, precious metals and stones, etc.) to other countries. At the same time, maritime republics such as Venice and Genoa imported raw materials and foreign goods (semi-finished products) from all over the Old World.

The Smbat Law Code became the basis of Pirate Law – part of international law. Judicial Mkhitar Gosh – was laid the foundation of the first democratic constitution on the territory of continental Europe, in Poland. And the texts of the Constitution of the enlightenment era for the free Armenia of 1773 by Shahamir Shahamiryan “Snare of Glory” and “Target” were one of the earliest modern constitutional political writings in the world. (It is believed that the United States constitution, created in 1787, is the oldest existing constitution in the world. For comparison: the Declaration of the Human Rights and Citizen of the French Revolution was created in 1789, and the Polish constitution only got to the printing house in 1791. However, for 14 years before the publication of the US Constitution, Armenians already published the enlightenment constitutions for a free Armenia.)

The works of ancient Armenian thinkers, the achievements of socio-economic and medical thought of medieval Armenian philosophical schools, which have survived to this day of the Healers and systems of organization of healing, including during the epidemic, they were taken as a basis for organizing medicine in the countries of the Old World.

If the issues of Armenian state building during the restoration of the Armenian state were based on the work of thinkers of Armenian philosophical schools, then there would not be such an ugly phenomenon as the destruction of liquidity of assets with the “grabbing” of everything that was created by the painstaking work of the Armenian people and the efforts of the diaspora after the Armenian Genocide .

Now, more than ever, the time has come for the Armenians and the indigenous peoples of the Greater Middle East to regain their rights and become communicators in solving urgent problems on the planet.

That is why it is time to call on the Armenian diaspora and all the indigenous peoples of the region for a civilizational dialogue.

In particular, the Armenian and Chinese peoples have deep civilizational ties since time immemorial. In the current situation with a pandemic, it would be right to appeal to the Chinese for their experience with the coronovirus. The key to success is a deep historical memory, characteristic of the Chinese people. All true and strong civilizational ties are manifested precisely in crisis situations. Such communication during the crisis can restore interrupted civilization ties dating back thousands of years.

We urge all Armenians living in all corners of the planet Earth spiritually, morally and yes, financially, to help our people in the country, in the diaspora. Armenian statehood with its actions or inaction is not harmful. Nobody will give us something good. We must create it ourselves!

The state of emergency in Armenia was conducted correctly and on time!

Practice shows that a state of emergency equates to martial law.

Nobody, both individuals and legal entities, especially pseudo-philanthropists, have not been given the right to behave irresponsibly and immorally during a state of emergency.

The state, as a subject of international law in such situations:

– facilitates or strengthens tax administration;

– postpones and (or) burdens taxation;

– increases the social responsibility of the state through sectoral and territorial administration;

– strengthens the management of uninterrupted energy, transport, communication and national security of the state and each citizen of the country.

All issues are resolved strictly according to the canons of the state of emergency! Merits to the people and the state have nothing to do with it!

This state of emergency resembles our homeless grief!

It’s hard to be an Armenian! As the poet Paruyr SEVAK said, “We are different!” This does not mean that we are higher, no!

Everything changes in the universe! Children are born with new “files”, everything inside us changes! Values are changing!

Our people deserve to get out of this situation with dignity for the peaceful future of the young generation on a new bright planet!


Chief Researcher, CEMI RAS, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Martik Yurikovich GASPARYAN
Member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, MADENM, EWAN, D.E. N., professor.
Head of the International Independent Legal and Scientific Center for Expertise and Assessment of Reparation and Restitution; since 1993, member of the Analytical Center of the Club of Rome, member of the Eurasian Scientific Council for Science and High Technologies

 March 27, 2020

 This appeal is open for accession.


[i]         The solution of the Armenian issue is the prerogative of the Armenian people themselves, and the centers of power are just beneficiaries depending on the emerging realities. The Armenian question can only be resolved by formatting the Near East and the Middle East in the interests of the peoples and civilizations that formed it as a civilizational community. To solve such global problems, a resource is needed, both human and material, on the basis of a multi-layer highly developed economy.

Front Asia and the Middle East are in dire need of a change in the quality of life. The central element of such a change is the availability of a dwelling that meets all modern requirements. This refers to the manufacturability of this home, as well as its efficiency. The capacity of the housing segment alone is estimated at tens of trillions of dollars. The creation of a modern high-tech construction industry and all related segments will not only solve the problem within the framework of the global integration project, but will also become the locomotive of the high-tech development of the region.

Armenia and the Armenian people have every opportunity to become the central link in such an integration project. An important property of this global project is the impossibility of tearing off the created product from the territory and its population (what happens when developing energy and other natural resources). The civilization component of ethnic groups, being the main factor in the formation of states and unions of a new type, poses new challenges in assessing its place, as well as in preserving it. In particular, the problem of refugees from Azerbaijan is more correctly called the problem of assessing the consequences of the destruction of the civilization of Kuro-Araks and Caspian Armenia. Working in the old format, we help the destroyers of the area of ​​Armenian civilization, legitimize the claims of all kinds of nomadic-usurious social and national groups with obscure murmurs about the integrity of the territories of states and the rights of nations to self-determination.

Territories covered by the civilizational legacy of this nation and destroyed by representatives of other civilizational norms are territories of the national liberation movement. In such a national liberation struggle, dialogue should be conducted not with the destroyers of existing civilizations, but with the indigenous peoples inhabiting this state entity.

In connection with the above thoughts, it is advisable, through your actions, to promote a deeper understanding of the processes taking place in the modern world and the restoration of the communicative place and role of the Armenian people and Armenia.

[ii]          In economic theory, there is no more controversial issue to which the world’s scientists would pay so much attention than the problem of economic crises. All economic schools, one way or another, addressed this problem in order to identify the causes of economic crises and ensure economic stability and balance. Mentor Bunyatyan occupies a prominent place in a number of these economists, whose work on the theory and cycles of economic crises has received special attention from world-famous economists such as J. M. Keynes, E. Hansen, W. Mitchell, N. Kondratiev, A. Aftalion, M. Tugan-Baranovsky, etc.

The theory of economic crises developed by Bunyatyan differs both from the theories of J. Mill and J. B. Say, according to which there is a “metaphysical equilibrium” between buyers and sellers in the economy, and from the theories of underconsumption by J. Sismondi and C. Rodbertus, from Kirchmann’s speculations , Moffat, Crocker, Mommery and Hobson, who basically synthesized some of the views of Lauderdal Malthus, Chomers and J. Sismondi, from the theory of disproportionality of M. Tugan-Baranovsky and even from the theory of Marx, whose fundamental thoughts did not receive further development, as often as he Bunyatyan notes, “are in conflict with his own theory.”

Defining the cyclical development of the economy as an economic regularity, Bunyatyan singles out the dual role of crises. Namely: the crisis, on the one hand, destroys the economy, sharply reducing production volumes, and on the other hand, paradoxically, the crisis stimulates the improvement of technologies and the creation of new means of production, which leads to cheaper products, increased demand and the emergence of new needs, which and causes the beginning of a new rise. Bunyatyan, in fact, puts forward the same idea that Schumpeter subsequently characterizes as “creative destruction.”

In the works of Bunyatyan, essentially, for the first time, economic crises are classified and analyzed according to the forms and features of their manifestations. He notes that the classification of crises into production crises and distribution crises, primary and secondary, exogenetic and endogenetic crises reveals only a causal relationship with the organization of the economy. Meanwhile, Bunyatyan set himself the goal of finding not only special, but also general causes of crises.

The study of the features of the emergence and development of crises allows Bunyatyan to conclude that they are often interconnected (interdependent), but each of them can have a clearly predetermined direction. Although economic crises appear in Bunyatyan’s morphology as abstractions that are divorced from economic phenomena, his analysis of the causes and consequences of crises indicates an intrasystemic approach, according to which crises, acting independently, remain an interconnected manifestation of the same economic organism.

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